Software Development is Useless

Software Development is Useless

Software Development is Useless

I’m prepared for the slew of comments coming my way because I made that statement. But of course, I don’t mean Software Development is useless period, if it was I wouldn’t have chosen to become a developer. I simply want to bring attention to some of the things that suck, and people aren’t willing to talk about since they are too busy drinking the Kool Aid.

How It Began

It’s been a month since I started working professionally as a Software Developer. As I’m writing this, it marks the day when I developed my first “real” desktop application. It’s a GIT API tool that I find quite useful- I have been doing a lot of work integrating Wrike’s API with GIT – so I created this tool in order to speed up my development process but I have to admit that I’m quite disappointed with myself, and here is why.

A few months ago, while I was grinding and putting in the work to become a full-time developer. I had a conversation with one of my close friends. It revolved around me noticing a trend in software development. I noticed that  a lot of software development is geared towards creating tools for developers. This is cool since tools like React & Angular make our lives easier, however, I feel it has a lack of meaning behind it.

You have A Gift

See as software developers we have an incredible gift. We have the ability to create, recreate, and improve the life of others. I might go as far as saying we have an obligation to do so. Now, taking those thoughts into account, you can see why I was disappointed at what I had created. In a way, is a bit selfish to concentrate in sharpening our tools, but never doing anything truly great with them.

Technology has the ability to change lives. It changed mine in ways I did not imagine. From living in a dangerous neighborhood in the Bronx and barely being able to pay rent to being able to go for a walk with my wife without being afraid of being mugged. But it goes both ways, I also see how technology can be disruptive and have a negative impact on peoples lives. A testament to this is the compulsion most of us feel to look at our phones everytime we are waiting at the checkout line. Or worst, the way social media apps manipulate our attention to make a profit.

Call To Action

Knowing all of this, I’m compelled to write code in order to make practical improvements in my daily life – keeping in mind that those improvements should not revolve around my needs as a developer. So I’m dedicating my free time to both contribute to open source projects aimed at enhancing life, and also creating my own projects with the aim of allowing me to pursue a better life.

This is going to require some introspection into what my daily challenges are, and coming up with solutions. The first one that comes to mind is the poor distribution of buses, on my way to work. I usually have to wait 30 mins for the bus, and when the bus arrives, due to poor distribution. They usually arrive in groups of three.

My question to you is, can you name an issue or challenge you encounter daily? no pressure to come up with an answer to solve it. Just want to raise awareness.

If you would like to join me in contributing to Open Source projects, you can email me at

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