No idea what to do with my Raspberry Pi

No idea what to do with my Raspberry Pi

Back Story

Last year for valentine’s day, my wife surprised me with a Raspberry Pi – best wife ever btw – I was static and ready to get to work. I had a collection of possible projects that I had assembled over several months.

The day after Valentine’s day. I set up the PI and got ready to work. That’s when it happened. I stood paralyzed. Sure there were a lot of projects out there, but none really called out to me as something that would be useful.

I did not realize it until that moment but I had an unspoken requirement. I  like to create things that improve either my life or the life of others. Otherwise, I  get the feeling that I’m just wasting my time(with the exception of projects done for the sake of learning)

Fast forward to just a few days ago, I was watching a Ted talk  given by Christian Genco and felt inspired to get off my ass and create something useful.  Naturally, before I started working on anything. I procrastinated by cleaning the entire house first – between you and me, it was pretty clean, to begin with.

While cleaning the house, I came across some hardware: 4 hard drives, my Rasberry Pi, and a raid hard drive encasing. Since the encasing has it’s own power supply, it presented the perfect opportunity to create a media server. It’s a cool idea, and I love movies so there’s the useful part.

I will be building the project over the upcoming weekend, and I will keep this post updated accordingly.

The Set-up

I’m using a media Sonic Pro-raid hard drive enclosure, you can grab one off of Amazon for around $50.00. This enclosure is cool because it comes with its own power supply, with a built such as the one we are about to create. this is necessary since the PI won’t have a lot of power to play with.


Two 250GB SSD drive – I know is not much but it will do for now. Once I reach capacity, I will probably upgrade to pro solution if needed.


They cost about $50-$80 depending on where you buy them. Here is a link to mines, and last but not least. The Rasberry Pi version 2. for my specific version, I overclocked the PI to push the performance to the edge of it’s capabilities.

The Software

For this project, I chose to use PLEX


Why Plex? well, I been using Kodi for a while and could use a break from it.  There are two main reasons why I decided to go with Plex for this project, one it has a Netflix style interface, which I like, and it is easy to cast to my Chromecast which is connected to the TV.

Those are my plans for now. I will update this blog post once, I begin setting everything up in the upcoming days.